Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Impact Resistant

Dunlop Usflex

In some applications, especially primary and secondary crushers, even the strongest and heaviest conventional belts can be ripped or torn by large lumps of heavy, sharp objects, either falling from a height or becoming trapped. Belts can often be destroyed within a matter of weeks or months. The Dunlop solution to this problem is UsFlex, which has longitudinal rip resistance more than five times that of multi-ply belts of equivalent rating because of our unique straight-warp construction. UsFlex provides impact resistance up to three times greater than that of conventional plied belting. This unequaled toughness means the belt will not be easily damaged in the loading and conveying of large, sharp material. As a result, UsFlex will provide the longest belt life in the harshest conditions!


UsFlex owes its outstanding impact and tear resistant characteristics to an innovative woven straight-warp carcass. This consists of heavy strands of polyester running lengthwise and heavy nylon strands running crosswise held in position by a strong yarn. The strands are completely straight in both directions and not interlocked as in a conventional belt carcass. This allows the weft to float free from the warp, thereby minimising the peak point of impact because the energy is absorbed over a larger area, providing maximum protection to the carcass. 

·     Choose optimal parameters and configuration of tools

·     Reduce energy consumption

·     Determine the real loads for design process


·     very little wear and therefore long lifetime for pads

·     negligible energy absorption.