Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Conveyor Academy

Trainings in cooperation with Almex Institute and Dunlop Conveyor Belting ...

Content of Our Training What?

The new Almex Institute training program is designed to fill the gaps in the field of vulcanization or to introduce new methods and technologies for experienced users who want to update their knowledge. The maintenance engineers also learn the details of vulcanization and enable them to make the inspection of the work done better.



What topics are being processed?


* Attachment of textile carcasses (Hot / Cold)

* Repair of textile carcass belts (Hot / Cold)

* Steel cord belting (upon request)

* Drum coating methods

* Press installation and operation.



How are courses offered?


The Almex Institute's training techniques include the following approach and learning methods.

* Class presentations.

Discussion groups.

* Question and answer sessions.

* Multimedia presentations.

* Practical training.

* Special education notes.



Why Join?


Complete your deficiencies in the Vulcanization business

* Meet the latest methods and technologies

* Learn to make more durable and long lasting

* Add faster, reduce downtime



Learn from the best


Shaw Almex is the world's leading manufacturer of vulcanization presses.



Get your certificate

You can also write this tutorial to perfect your work, repair your tape and make your inserts perfect. Get your certificate from Almex. Be a certified vulcanization technician.