Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Conveyor Service

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Our Jobs


* Belt jointing (Vulcanization)

* New belt rolling and jointing

* Belt replacing

* Belt repairs

* Drum coating


Conveyor Belt Efficiency

Sometimes running a mine or a factory may seem to deal with the problem on the problem. Conveyor Service We do not claim that we can solve all your problems as Ayık Band, but we can offer a comprehensive solution to your problems with your conveyor belts.


We offer contract to repair, installation and insertion services for your conveyor belts.



We always keep the most used conveyor belt types and repair materials available in our stock. Thus, when our customers need urgent repair or replacement, the necessary materials are available.



Wide Machine Portfolio

We have Turkey's largest and most modern vulcanization presses and machine equipment portfolio. Our presses and tools are Shaw Almex.

The Shaw Almex presses are designed to make the fastest and most accurate assembly.



High-skilled staff

The expertise and mastery level of the Conveyor Service Staff Belt is unrivaled in the sector. Our team is undergoing continuous training on the most modern methods of vulcanization.



First Class Labor

Our team performs operations using raw materials. joint design is carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, and the vulcanization process is carried out by our highly skilled staff with excellent workmanship.



Safety first

All our activities in our own facilities or customer facilities are carried out in accordance with the highest safety standards and all documents requested by your business are ready to us.