Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Abrasion Resistant

Dunlop Abrasion Resitant

The wear resistance quality of a conveyor belt is one of the major factors that determines its life expectancy and ultimately the truest test of its value for money. For the engineers and technicians at Dunlop, the objective is to always supply belts that provide the lowest possible “lifetime cost”.

Dunlop significantly exceeds the international standards that have the biggest influence on overall belt strength, splice strength and operational lifetime. These factors include abrasion (wear) resistance, tear strength, tensile strength break for both the carcass and the covers and adhesion between the plies and between the covers and the carcass. It also has particularly good low elongation (low stretch) characteristics.

Superfort ‘long life’ belts provide outstanding reliability and durability in a wide cross-section of industries


AA Sınıfı – Abrasion resistant for normal service conditions.

RA Sınıfı – Abrasion resistant for more severe service conditions.

RE Sınıfı – Excellent resistance to cuts, impact, abrasion andgouging resulting from large and heavy lump sizes.

RS Sınıfı – Impact and extra wear resistance for conveying highly abrasive materials of mixed lump sizes.