Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Solid Woven


Solidwoven Conveyor Belt

Fenner Dunlop solid woven (monoply) belting, the first choice of countless mines throughout the world, has a number of significant advantages including: 


  • Fire resistant and anti-static properties which meet the most stringent safety standards in the world 
  • Greater flexibility, making it easier to trough and 

track when installed 

  • A solid woven one piece carcass with no risk of 

ply separation 

  • Covers which form an integral bond preventing 

any form of belt delamination 

• High resistance to longitudinal tears
• High dynamic and static vulcanised joint properties • Excellent retention of mechanical fasteners
• High resistance to impact damage
• Impervious to attack from acid, water, oil, bacteria 

and chemicals
• High resistance to edge wear 



Carcass designs can be customised to include one or more of the following features: 

  • Increased fastener holding efficiency for high speed/tonnage applications 
  • Improved lateral stability to further enhance resistance to longitudinal splitting on high capacity/deep trough conveyors 
  • High tear and rip resistance for arduous applications where belts are difficult to align and maintain 
  • Additional carcass mass to allow belts to negotiate small radius catenary curves which would normally require steel cord belt (to prevent the belt lifting off the structure under no load conditions) 
  • The ability to operate at temperatures in excess of 90°C (the normal limit for standard constructions) 
  • Improved edge wear protection for extensible and similar applications