Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

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Tracking Idlers Top

The basic and primary rule which must be kept in mind when tracking a conveyor belt is simple, “THE BELT MOVES TOWARD THAT END OF THE ROLL/IDLER IT CONTACTS FIRST.” 

In most non-unit-handling conveyors this opti- mum condition does not exist on the top run and consequently, crown on the head pulley is of little value in training the belt. Further, it is a distinct detriment as far as lateral distribution of tension in the belt is concerned. Head pul- leys therefore, should be uncrowned in normal circumstances. Tail pulleys and take-up pulleys which may have a fairly long approaching span without support can be crowned with some beneficial results. 

Conveyor Belt Tracking System provides immediate, continuous precision adjustment of wandering conveyor belts. 

Belt Tracking System works, where other belt training devices fail to reduce edge damage, prevent spillage, and extend belt life.