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Sure Grip Belt Lock

Created for maximum grip, SureGripTM from Shaw Almex offers exceptional belt clamping for all types of belt maintenance in a variety of working conditions. SureGripTM is constructed from high grade steel components that are light in weight, conducive for easy transportation and assembly. SureGripTM is available in three sizes, designed to meet the W.L.L. (Work Load Limit) of various conveyor systems. Offered in Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3 versions (at three, six and seven tonne thresholds, respectively) SureGripTM can accommodate the force requirements for many typical belt systems.


The unique patented design of SureGrip allows for a gripping force that far exceeds all competitive solutions. 

Units when linked in tandem configuration generate as much as 16 tonnes (35,270 lbs) pulling force. 

SureGrip is available in 3 models to handle a wide range of belt widths and styles. 

Typical areas of application:
Mark 1: quarries, brick works, concrete plants, recycling industries 

Mark 2: steel works, iron ore, coal, gold mines 

Mark 3: heavy duty wide conveyors in power stations, steel works, coal mines 

Bolts and handle stay assembled to minimize loss during transport