Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Abrasion Plaque

Ultima 40 AL

BONDING SYSTEM Dunlop Ultima can be bonded to most surfaces using the majority of good quality cold bonding systems available in the market. In applications where Ultima with an adhesive layer (AL) is used there is no need for time-consuming grinding prior to bond. The adhesive layer is protected by a plastic film, which enables rapid processing. The combination of high adhesion and high tensile strength in the adhesive layer ensures maximum bond strength and increased reliability.

Unlike almost all other industrial rubber sheeting, Dunlop Ultima is top quality rubber sheeting that is exclusively manufactured in Europe in our production facilities located in Holland. It is specifically designed to provide outstanding durability across a wide range of industrial uses including: 

■ Wear & Corrosion Protection ■ Skirting 

  • Pulley Lagging 
  • Sheeting & Gaskets 


Designed and developed strictly in accordance with DIN 7715 international standards by the Dunlop Research & Development team in Holland, Dunlop Ultima is available in 60 Shore A and 40 Shore A in a range of thicknesses, widths and roll sizes with or without an Adhesion Layer (AL). 

► First class strength and durability 

► Excellent wear resistance 

► Safe to handle – fully compliant with REACH regulations 

► Ozone & UV resistant (EN/ISO 1431) ► Excellent adhesion capabilities
► Low maintenance / easy cleaning