Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant


Model E Scrapper

Specially designed for the cleaning of the eroded and/or damaged flat belts

The scraper blades are designed to adapt to the imperfections of the belt and to avoid any damage.

Each blade, with a 200mm width, has 5 flexible fingers in polyurethane with an index in Tungsten in each finger

The scraper blades are fixed to the axis by means of two screws, which does that his substitution is fast and simple.

The support of the scraper has a sliding system to facilitate the positioning.

The pressure system, adjustable by screw, is assemble on the lateral supports.


Reduce the production cost.

Efficient cleaning due to the adaptability of the blades.

Long operationg times due to the high resistance to the abrasión.

Easy installation.

Minimum maintenance.

Require small installation space.

Easy adjustment.

Easy and quick replacement of spare parts.


For belt width from 400 to 2000mm.

Scraper for belts with smooth cover.

Belt speed <3 m/s.

Temperature range: –30º until +80ºC

It can be used in belts with staples unions