Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant


Flexible Idler

The characteristics of the FLEXIBLE IDLER ‘Monobloc INBI’, make that its use is recommended to all kind of installations and especially for installations where they could present problems with the humidity and the chemical agents: Foundries, steel mills, mining industry, salt industry, acids, sulfates, phosphates, fertilizers, chemical products, cements, sugar factories, soap factories, etc. They are made in black rubber antiabrasive, white rubber (for food industry) and polyurethane.


The exclusive design of the FLEXIBLE IDLER “MONOBLOC INBI” provides new and innovative improvements inside his field of application.

The flexible idler consists of a cable of steel with special configuration and a resistance to the break of 6600 kg. This core is vulcanized with the body of anti-abrasive rubber of the idler in one piece, not presenting any assembly between the cable, the covering of the axis and the wheels. This exclusive characteristic gives to the idler infinity of advantages, which we could emphasize: impermeability, fewer breakdowns, longer life of the idler …

The hooks are of malleable foundry ferric and the bearings are lodged inside. The bearings are lubricated and protected against the exterior influences by a grease with specific characteristics to prevent that the humidity and strange agents affecting them.


  • The belt adapts uniformly to the idlers “INBI”.
  • The idler “INBI” has only two bearings, permanently auto-lubricated, and they are sealed in the ends of the idlers.
  • Great resistance to the impacts.
  • The rubber used is highly resistant to the abrasion.
  • The idler “INBI” is self-cleaning due to the relative movement of the discs.
  • It avoids the wear of the belt.
  • It lines up the belt, avoiding offcentres.
  • Due to its excellent flexibility, the idler “INBI”, self-aligned and arrange forming a catenary, allowing the centring of the load, because the materials come together in the centre of the belt to avoid spills.
  • Great capacity of load due to its great angle of trough (up to 45 º)


  • Total watertightness. Exclusive design that avoids the penetration of the humidity in the metallic core.
  • Monobloc design of the body of rubber avoiding the displacement of the wheels.
  • Fewer parts mobiles = fewer breakdowns = longer life of the idler.
  • More adherence to the belt.