Konveyör Bant

Konveyör Bant

Z Belt

Consept & Technology

Our belts, equipped with sidewalls and cleats, have been developed mainly for very steep inclined applications, up to a gradient of 90o (vertical plane ).

As highly flexible conveyor belts, they facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveying (and viceversa ); they can even be adapted to different layouts or arrangements to suit
our client’s needs. 

Beltsiflex increases transport capacity up to 4 times compared to other types of traditional belts on the same width range. 

It saves space by allowing the vertical elevation of materials, up to a gradient of 90o

This system allows for an economical structural installation, since it provides a single means of conveying materials, depending on the elevation height, where at least three conventional conveyors would have been necessary otherwise. 

Its maintenance cost is lower than that of a regular conveyor belts system. 

Technological Innovation

The Beltsiflex® system is an R&D project that achieves the required technology to produce conveyor belts thanks to a continuous automated process. 

The security, stability and durability of the belts are achieved by hot vulcanizing the entire belt as a single unit. 

The levels of adhesion gained through hot vulcanizing are 15 times better than those offered by the traditional means of ‘’cold splicing’’ used by some companies nowadays. 

Our hot vulcanized sidewalls and cleats belts have no risk of dismembering of the different elements due to their hot vulcanizing technology.

Amongst other advantages, these belts can satisfy the demand for lower diameters, and long term storage does not affect the adherence of elements to the belt’s base.